We are opening our doors May 22nd under new health and safety regulations.

In order to secure the health and safety of our clients and staff at LOOK LOOK, we will be following the CDC’s strictest protocols, recommendations and the guidelines set by The Utah State Health Department. In order to meet those standards we have made the following changes to our shop, shop procedures, and our day to day work flow:

  • Masks must be worn at all times by staff and clients. If you will be using your own mask please preform a *Match Test to ensure the mask quality meets highest standards of protection or one will be provided for you.
  • No walk-ins. Appointments only.
  • Consultations will be done digitally
  • No Face or Neck Tattoos at this time
  • Our Lobby and Patio is currently closed
  • Employee temperatures will be taken at the beginning of their shifts with a health screening everyday.
  • Tattoo care instructions will be on our website to reduce handouts. https://looklooktattoo.com/ or sent via email or text at client request.
  • No Entourage, friends, or family at this time. Client/Artist appointments only.
  • Employee shifts will be staggered to follow social distancing standards.
  • We have rearranged our shop to meet a 10ft distancing between stations to ensure social distancing can be maintained.
  • We have installed Plexiglass barriers to our entrance and art areas.

Client Check In

Please be on time for your appointment. Once you have arrived for your appointment call us from the parking lot 801-419-0508 to check in. We will then let your Artist know you have arrived. We ask that you wait in your vehicle until your Artist is ready for you. All personal belongings must be kept on you. Leave any unnecessary items at home or in your car. We will then take your temperature and conduct a brief health screening. We will then sanitize your hands at entry.

Our shop has always maintained strenuous cleaning and sterilization practices for our work areas and hard surfaces where hand contact occurs, but we are increasing the frequency of those efforts. We follow the highest health and hygiene protocols at all times.

*Match Test- Put your mask on and light a match or lighter hold it in front of your mask and blow. If the flame blows out the mask isn’t offering the highest amount of protection. If it doesn’t blow out then you have yourself a great mask!